What is Kokikai?

Aikido (pronounced eye-key-dough) is a Japanese martial art that originated in the 20th century. Kokikai – Ryu Aikido was developed by Shuji Maruyama, an apprentice of the founder of Aikido Morehei Ueshiba.

Practitioners use dynamic throwing and pinning techniques that minimise an aggressor’s power, regardless of an attacker’s advantage in size or strength. Techniques rely on achieving a balanced posture, learning appropriate timing and redirecting our energies to harmlessly neutralise any dangerous or volatile situation and or individual. Really a study in the self and interactions with other, its purpose is to assist practioners to achieve their highest possible personal state. Building on the correct principles of ones self. A win-win mentality is developed. Aikido teaches practical techniques of self-defence against single, multiple, and armed attackers, principles of intelligent self-defence, meditation and breathing exercises, calmness and relaxation.

The Kokikai style of aikido emphasizes minimum effort for maximum effect. It is based on relaxed, natural and logical responses to attacks. It is an effective self-defence system and is training that can be applied to daily life and daily situations. It is also a life style and personal journey.